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Thredbo 8

Plenary Papers

Workshop A: Performance Based Contracts In Public Transportation

Chairs: David A. Hensher and Erne Houghton

  • Experiences with Quality Contracts in Public Transport in Norway
    Berge, D.M., Brathen, S., Hauge, O. and Ohr, F
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Implementing Performance-Based Quality Contracts in the Bus Sector: Growing Patronage and Post-Transitional Arrangements
    Hensher, D.A. and Houghton, E.
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Tendering Problems of Suburban Rail Systems (PDF)
    Jurgen Klarmann
  • Determining Optimal Bus Service Provision; Recent Evidence from Great Britain
    John Preston, Biao Huang and Gerard Whelan
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Performance Based Contracts in Public Transportation: The Melbourne Experience
    John Stanley and David A Hensher
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • First Experience with Tendering at the Tactical Level (Service Design) in Dutch Public Transport
    Didier Van de Velde and Eik Pruijmboom
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Patronage Incentives in Urban Public Transport Contracts Appraisal of Practice and Experience to Date
    Ian P Wallis
    Thredbo 8 Book

Workshop B: Competition and Regulation

Chairs: Chris Nash and Jackie Walters

Workshop C: Regulatory and Planning Tools

Chairs: Joaquim Aragão and Michele Molinari

  • Demand and Supply of Public Transport A Study of Cause and Effect
    Johan Holmgren
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Transit and Paratransit Competition: A Tool for Predicting the Passengers Response to Price Competition
    Hilba Soares Reis and Joaquim Jos Guilherme de Aragão
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Where is the Demand of Public Transportation?
    Andrea Gutierrez
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Building up a KM Concept for a PPP Policy for the Public Transport Sector: The Role of Knowledge Maps and of Critical Success Factors Analysis.
    Joaquim Jos Guilherme de Aragão and Enilson Medeiros dos Santos
    Thredbo 8 Book

Workshop D: Institutional Frameworks

Chairs: Rosário Macário and Kjell Jansson

Workshop E: Service Quality and Pricing

Chair: Neil Smith

Workshop F: Performance Measure and Data

Chair: Didier van de Velde

  • Technical Efficiency versus Technical Change - the British Passenger Train Operators
    Jonathon Cowie
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Performance Measures in Urban Passenger Transport: The Texas Governor's Business Council Process
    Wendell Cox
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Bidding Results for Brazilian Urban Bus Systems: The case of Belo Horizonte
    Alexandre de vila Gomide
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • The impacts of Intercity Coach Deregulation Impacts in Argentina (PDF)
    Alberto Muller
  • Measuring Technical Efficiency in North and South American Railways using a Stochastic Frontier Model: an International Comparison
    Cesar Rivera-Trujillo
    Thredbo 8 Book
  • Is The Current Ownership Structure of the British Bus Industry Capable of Meeting Public Policy Objectives?
    Charles Roberts
    Thredbo 8 Book