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Thredbo 11

Plenary Papers

Workshop 1: Benchmarking the Outcome of Competitive Tendering: How has Competitive Tendering performed as a Regulatory Benchmark over the Last Two Decades?

Chair: Chris Nash
Rapporteur: Kjell Jansson

Workshop 2: Successful Contractual Setting - How to Construct Contracts Leading to Trusting Relationships between Contract Parties in This Sector?

Chair: John Stanley
Rapporteur: Frode Longva

Workshop 3: Beyond Competitive Tendering - What Institutional Alternatives to Competitive Tendering Can Provide Efficiency and Service Improvements?

Chair: Didier Van De Velde
Rapporteur: Arne Beck

Workshop 4: System Development - How to Govern System Development in Public Transport?

Chair: Wijnand Veeneman
Rapporteur: John Nelson

Workshop 5: Social inclusion - How Can Social inclusion be integrated into Mainstream Transport Planning?

Chair: Janet Stanley
Rapporteur: Corinne Mulley

Workshop 6: Public Policy and Transport - What are the Wider Public Policy Goals of Land Passenger Transport and Can Competitive Markets Deliver Them?

Chair: John Preston
Rapporteur: Michal Wolanski

Workshop 7: Public Transport Markets in Development - Do the Public Transport Issues in Developing/Emerging Economies Differ from Those of Developed Economies, and if so, Where Do They Differ and What Can Be Learnt from This?

Chair: Jackie Walters
Rapporteur: Brendan Finn